Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Albright College's tax ID number?
  2. If Albright College is named in my will or living trust, do I need to notify anyone?
  3. After I have included Albright College in my will or living trust, can I change it?
  4. How can I leave Albright College in my will or living trust without redoing my entire will or living trust?
  5. Do you have sample bequest language?
  6. How secure are planned giving investments? How are they invested?
  7. Who manages the money?
  8. What fees are charged?
  9. What is meant by the term "tax-benefit"?
  10. What is the difference between "tax deduction" and "tax-free income" as they relate to my taxable income?
  11. How do you calculate the tax deduction? For example, if I give Albright College something worth $10,000, why don't I get a deduction of $10,000?
  12. What is a life-income plan and how does it work?
  13. Can I include anyone as the life-income beneficiary?
  14. What is a charitable gift annuity? Why are they so popular?
  15. What annuity rate would I receive?
  16. How do your gift annuity rates compare with those of other charities?
  17. Is there a minimum amount needed to establish a charitable gift plan?
  18. Can I receive monthly payments?
  19. When do my payments begin?
  20. How do I receive my payments?
  21. Are the annuity payments guaranteed for life? If so, how?
  22. I'm under 50 and don't need the gift annuity payments now. What are the advantages of establishing a gift annuity today?
  23. Are donations of cash or stock the only options?
  24. Can I direct the remainder of my gift to a beneficiary to Albright College?
  25. Can I restrict the purpose for which Albright College uses my gift?
  26. Why is a charitable gift better than other investments?
  27. Can Albright College give me tax advice?


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